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Pembroke Sea by Owen Howells-030 (2)Award Winning Fruit Sorbets:

We have created an award winning range of artisan handcrafted smooth fruit sorbets available in 2 Litre Catering Pan and 2.25 Litre Napoli Pan which also is suitable for a scooping freezer.

Using the finest ingredients and freshly squeezed lemon juice we handcraft our fruit sorbets in small 5 litre batches using a batch freezer.

Shelf Life:

Although all our fruit sorbets have a 12 month shelf life from date of production,we aim to produce our sorbets to order giving our customers the finest flavoured and smoothest sorbets


Please contact us for further information

Email: info@fireandicewales.co.uk

Telephone: 01834 861995

Allergen Information:

All our fruit sorbets are Dairy Free and Gluten Free:


Gourmet Sorbets:


great taste award 2013Spiced Mango:

“Great Taste Award Winner 2013” blended with ginger and a hint of coriander.


GT 14 1-starMango,Lime & Chilli:

“Great Taste Award Winner 2014” Sweetness of the mango with a kick of lime then rippled with a chilli jam.


GT 15 2-starBlood Orange & Basil Sorbet:

“Great Taste Award Winner 2015” Our first ever 2 Star award described by the judges as “A gem of a product”

This sorbet is infused with fresh basil.

Fruit Sorbets:

ice38Raspberry: A Smooth creamy texture with a  tart raspberry flavour finish



passionfruitPassion Fruit:

Our award winning Passion Fruit Sorbet.

The sharpest flavoured sorbet we create,this is just so refreshing, a gorgeous palate cleanser.



passion and mangoPassion Fruit & Mango :

GT 15 1-starOur award winning Passion Fruit & Mango Sorbet is well balanced delivering a great refreshing experience.




mangoMango: Using Alphonso Mangoes puree produces the smoothest, creamiest,  sweet flavoured sorbet.



strawberryStrawberry & Lime:

GT 15 1-starOur award winning Strawberry & Lime Sorbet looks like Strawberry and tastes like strawberry but then you get a kick of lime that leaves your mouth tingling…and the texture is quite mouse like.


blackcurrant sorbetBlackcurrant:

Our Award Winning Blackcurrant Sorbet

A dark smooth sharp & tangy blackcurrant sorbet with a superb depth of flavour.