NomNom Chocolate:

Made from the worlds finest cacao, combined with the very best Welsh ingredients from local producers, Liam works with tastes from the Welsh hills, the seasons and the sea. Even Benedict Cumberbatch is a fan. Fabulous flavours of Venuzuelan 44% or Ecuadorian 72% chocolate combined with Madagascan vanilla pods, little flakes of oak smoked Angelsey sea salt, Fresh garden mint, Welsh Lavenders, fresh chilli, Welsh Vodka and a Raspberry jelly center, Damson jelly and Celteg Sloe Gin or British hazelnuts roasted over an open flame .. to name but a few! Roasted Hazelnut, Halen Mon.

The Little Welsh Chocolate Company:

At The Little Welsh Chocolate Company, we hand-craft our chocolatey goodies the nice way, so that you can enjoy the naughtiness guilt free.