Bottled Cider:

We stock cider from over 15 different craft cider producers, we probably have the largest selection of ciders in pembrokeshire.


Gethins: Award Winning Pembrokeshire Cider


500ml Glass Bottle: 2015 vintage

Gently sparkling medium cyder 6% Vol





Gwynt y Ddraig:


Sam’s Cider:

 Sam’s Cider with Blackcurrant 500ml:

Sam’s Cider with Blackcurrant is made from a combination of our finest Sam’s Cider and blackcurrants, the cider adds balance to the blackcurrants acidity and sweetness which leaves an after taste which is fresh and sharply cleansing to the palate.



Sam’s Poundhouse Medium 500ml:

Slightly Sparkling.

A refreshing, clean and refined medium cider.



Williams Brothers Cider:


Medium Sparkling Cider

“Bottled Conditioned Cider” – Limited Edition

Bottled when it is medium sweet and left to finish off it’s fermentation in the bottle into dry cider. The final fermentation naturally carbonates the cider into a high quality sparkling cider



Perrys_HeronGrey Heron:Farm Pressed Sweet Cider 5.5%abv

Tasting Notes:

Pressed from a blend of the very best Redtreak and Dabinett apples grown at our Knowles St Giles Orchard, located just five minutes away from our farm (by tractor of course) The resulting sparkling  cider is bottled young to maintain its sweet fruity taste, expressing both apples in a well balanced sweet cider.


Perrys_OwlBarn Owl:Farm Pressed Medium Cider 6.5%abv

Tasting Notes:

Our farmhouse cider is styled on traditional Somerset farmhouse ciders.  We follow four important rules: natural ferments using ‘wild yeast’, small batch techniques, 100% juice and of course using only traditional bittersweet and bitter sharp apple varieties.

The resulting cider produces a lightly sparkling medium cider, left unfiltered for a more authentic taste.


Perrrys_PuffinPuffin:Farm Pressed Dry Cider 6.5%abv

Tasting Notes:
Our bottled conditioned ciders are produced as simply and as naturally as possible – using the very best fresh apples, small batch techniques, wild yeasts and 100% juice.  The cider is then left to mature in wood before final conditioning in the bottle.The result is a full bodied naturally sparkling cider, complete with sediment.  We only make these in very small batches so enjoy!


Black Fox 7% vol

black foxThis is a lovely bright and rather special medium dry cider made from 9 varieties of traditional cider apple including Eggleton Styre. This variety adds characteristic dry complexity to a highly successful cider. Black Fox is named after the mythical animal which mysteriously eludes all attempts to catch it. One of its favourite haunts is said to be the cider orchard where the heavily laden branches deter the hunt from entering. The fox is believed to bestow good fortune on the orchard with an abundant crop!


Breakwell Seedling 7.5% vol

breakwell seedlingA medium-dry, fresh, fruity and lightly sparkling single varietal cider made from an apple first discovered a century ago at Perthyre Farm, Monmouth. Because of its delicious flavour, farmer George Breakwell propagated the seedling and it was later planted in many Herefordshire orchards.


Dry Sparkling 7% vol

dry sparklingIvor Dunkerton has created this gem from Breakwell Seeding, Foxwhelp, Collington Big Bitters, Yarlington Mill and French variety Blanc Mollet…with a very small amount of added sugar. This blend of cider apples has produced a clean and very refreshing drink with a lively citrus feel. Although noticeably drier than Ivor’s other sparklers, ripe apple flavours show through as usual.



Ross Cider:


Celtic Marches:


Lily the Pink Still Medium Cider 4.5% abv




A medium fruity cider – gorgeous pink colour – made from 100% cider apples on our Herefordshire farm – intense fruity aroma – very drinkable!!!

Thundering Molly  Medium Cider 5.2%abv

Gorgeous golden colour and a well balanced finish.Made on our Herefordshire farm from 100% cider apples

Slack Alice Still Medium Cider 4.6%abv

A medium well rounded yet a little tart 4.6% cider drier than Thundering Molly – still mellow with a very slight tart finish.A customer has described it as ‘Great mouth feel and a lot going on on the flavour front’ – you’re onto a winner!!

Draught Cider:

The draught ciders available change throughout the year with different producers and varietys.

We supply in 2 pint or 4pint bottles or a re-useable flagon start from £2.00 a pint plus the cost of the container.

If your having a celebration we can also supply 10 litre or 20 litre Bag in Box Cider.  Please contact us for details.