Indulgent Gelato: We blend Calon Wen Organic Whole Milk and Trioni Organic Double Cream to create a 5% fat content recipe gelato (traditional ice cream is between 8-11%). This recipe allows the flavours to burst through.

Chocolate Flavours

Chocolate & Hazelnut Ripple


Chocolate & Orange

Chocolate Biscotto Ripple

New for 2015 We will be creating a chocolate gelato blended with 100% cocoa mass from Chocolaterie Robert….

Other Flavours:


Dairy & Toffee Ripple

Tangerine & Orange

Double Cream Vanilla

Strawberry and Cream

Banana & Caramel Ripple

Caramel & Honeycomb



Liquorice: The Great Taste Award judges said “There a striking liquorice aroma which carries through as an impactful flavour sensation”GT 15 1-star


  • Dairy,Chocolate Chunks & Honeycomb
  • Raspberry Cream
  • Amaretto
  • Dairy & Spicy Ginger Ripple


    Limited Edition Alcoholic Gelato: Over 18′s Only!


  • Mince pie infused with brandy (Christmas only)
  • Chocolate & Orange with cointreau (Christmas only)
  • Rum & Raisin
  • Coffee Liqueur
  • Welsh Whisky Cream Liqueur