Gin, vodka & rum

Our ever expanding range of spirits include the following producers.

Penderyn,Dà Mhìle,Eccentric Distillery,Snowdonia Distillery,Chase Distillery & Two Birds Countryside Spirits….plus many more…

Penderyn Distillery:

Brecon Botanicals Gin 70cl:



Winner of the Gin Trophy (Top Award) at the International Spirits Challenge 2014.

Made from our own unique recipe, combining a specially selected range of botanicals and the best pure grain spirit, this super-premium gin is produced in small batches using only the finest ingredients.

The combination of botanicals, the best pure grain spirit and our own water from the Beacons makes this a truly exceptional gin and one which I’m sure the gin enthusiasts amongst us will appreciate.

Tasting notes:

The nose is a rich complex of fresh juniper, followed quickly with coriander and a complexity of gin flavours. Hints of citrus mingle with oriental spices. On adding a mixer, the citrus, lemon, orange and even bergamot open out as well as hints of cinnamon, clove and saffron.

Medium length on the finish leaves you ready for the next mouthful. Distilled from pure grain, combined with botanicals from the four corners of the world. Blended with water from the Beacons to create a clean spirit that is crisp, clean and exceptionally smooth.

Brecon Gin 70cl:



Awarded “Gold Best in Class” in the Worldwide Gin 40% category at the International Wines & Spirits Competition 2011.

Taken neat, Brecon gin is a big traditional juniper gin laced with coriander and revealing hints of spicy cinnamon.  Add a mixer and the citrus freshness of oranges and lemons appear with nutmeg, liquorice and angelica in a supporting role.  The characteristic flavours go well with tonic, ice and lemon on a warm summer’s day with a refreshing juniper in the lead role, but Brecon’s traditional heritage is equally at home besides a roaring fire on a cold night and will bring back memories of long hot summers past.

FIVE Vodka 70cl:


We asked our Master Distiller, Dr Jim Swan, to create a super premium Vodka with a distinct smoothness and a modern twist.

Five times distilled for purity but with an increased amount of barley spirit from the Penderyn still to create a smoothness and complexity expected by connoisseurs, the new FIVE Vodka has a smooth, fruity twist. With its contemporary matte black finish and uncomplicated branding, FIVE Vodka looks truly stylish and elegant.

FIVE Vodka Tasting Notes:

Five is distilled 5 times to be as pure as can be. Vodka may be charcoal-filtered, but Five is so pure we don’t need to. FIVE is made with pure clean water from its own glacier-bred, rock filtered source in the wild Brecon Beacons Mountain Range. Five gains a smooth fruit twist when we add a hint of barley spirit from the unique Penderyn still.

Dà Mhìle Distillery:

sw+gin+gDà Mhìle Seaweed Gin:

42% ABV. Organic Seaweed Gin.

The latest masterpiece fresh from the still! Launched on 1st of March (St David’s Day) this seaweed gin is made with a cut-down, hand selected variant of botanicals to our small batch gin and designed to complement seafood. It’s then infused with fresh seaweed from the Newquay coast for three weeks, giving it a lovely green hue before being triple filtered and bottled.



gin+gDà Mhìle Botanical Gin

42% ABV. Organic Farmhouse Botanical Gin.

Artisan farmhouse gin is made with 20 botanicals. The nose is subtle fresh rose petals, then spice and a hint of juniper. The initial palate is floral with bitter, fresh notes of dandelion and peppery cloves. The texture is silky, exuding a superb botanical mouth-feel finished by intense juniper tones and peppermint cool.




Chase Distillery:



Williams Seville Orange Gin is a refreshing, citrusy spirit which will leave you wanting more. Juniper, orange peel, liquorice, elderflower and bitter almond are some of the botanicals that make up this unique gin that is finished with an infusion of Seville orange peel for 12 hours.

Nose: Light nectar in appearance, natural floral oils upfront followed byfruity notes like a luscious hot cross bun.


Palate: Fragrant with elderflower upfront on the palate. Smooth, sweet Seville orange peel tones with full sweet body.

Finish: Full bodied, finishing with an expression of fresh Seville orange zest.

Recommended Serve: Use to create a refreshing Gin and Tonic, served with a slice of fresh orange, or to create a classic Negroni. Also delicious as an Orange Blossom Fizz cocktail: 20ml Seville Orange Gin, 5ml rose water, 10ml honey shaken and topped with fizz.



Chase Marmalade Vodka 70cl, 40%vol:


Beginning life as the ‘World’s Best’ Chase Original Vodka, the smooth and creamy spirit is marinated with a bespoke Seville orange fine marmalade in the Chase alambic copper pot still; Ginny. The resultant spirit is then further distilled in the world’s tallest rectification column (standing at 70ft) with the vapours passing through fresh Valencian and Sevillian orange peel, creating a beautifully bittersweet and 100% natural orange experience.

  • Nose: Aromas of orange and lemon marmalades on rye toast.
  • Palate: Supple, fruity medium-to-full body, tangy.
  • Finish: Golden hue, orange zest, naturally rich bitter-sweet.
  • Recommended Serve: Ideal for sipping neat, over ice, or as the base to a Chase Marmalade Mule.

Chase Marmalade Mule; 1 part Chase Marmalade Vodka, 3 parts Fever-Tree Ginger Beer,       dash of Angostura Bitters, fresh lime. Build over lots of ice, add a dash of bitters and garnish with a squeeze of lime.




Naked Chase Apple Vodka 70cl 42% vol:


This unique apple vodka is the first made from our home-grown English cider apples, calling it Naked Chase to reflect the organic apples used, and the artisan methods undertaken to produce it. Our Naked Chase Apple Vodka is beautifully pure as there’s nothing added to it.

Distilled five times in our copper batch pot and then again through our extraordinary 70ft copper rectifying column to create the purest and finest spirit. Perfect for vodka connoisseurs who are looking for something unique and quintessentially English.

  • Nose: Fresh apple notes. Very subtle soft, warm, aroma.
  • Palate: Plump stewed apple with brown sugar notes.
  • Finish: Slight caramelised sugar, apple pie note.
  • Recommended Serve: Perfect as a martini. 1 part dry vermouth, 2 parts Naked Chase Vodka. Shake all ingredients and strain into a chilled martini glass, serve with a slice of apple.



Chase Original Vodka 70cl 40% vol

potato vodka

Voted the World’s Best Vodka by the prestigious San Francisco Spirits Competition, Chase Original Vodka is the world’s first super premium English potato vodka. Made on the Herefordshire family farm, we are the only UK distillery to offer a premium vodka that is made entirely from seed to bottle on one estate. The resultant spirit is a quality vodka with true provenance.

  • Nose: Light white pepper, hint of freshly sliced potato. Very clean.
  • Palate: Creamy turning clean black pepper, waxy oiliness and macadamia nuts.
  • Finish:  Clean, rounded. Smooth potato finish with mineral notes.
  • Recommended Serve: Serve neat and chilled over ice, or enjoy as a Kiss Chase cocktail.

Kiss Chase: 2 parts Chase Vodka, 1 part Chase Elderflower Liqueur, ¼ part freshly squeezed lemon, top up with pressed apple juice. Shake all ingredients with ice and fine strain into a highball glass. Garnish with a slice of apple.


Union Distillers:

Two Birds Countryside Spirit:

London Dry Gin:

Home_Spirit1A classic London Dry Gin full of juniper flavour and distilled with 4 other botanics then finished with natural spring water from deep beneath the Charnwood hills in Leicestershire. Our distilling process creates a powerful Gin, which retains a smooth and delicate finish on the pallet.



English Vodka:

Home_Spirit2Our English countryside vodka is an infusion of distilled barley and sugar beet combining a classic combination of cereal and root crops, which creates a natural pure and smooth taste.